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About DORS

Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs)

Two display tables for CRPs at a conference.

Over 100 statewide Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs) provide services to DORS consumers.  A CRP is defined as a private, non-profit program that provides rehabilitation service to individuals with disabilities.  In exceptional circumstances to meet a specific need, DORS may consider approval of a community provider that is a for-profit organization.

In order to provide high quality services throughout the state, DORS frequently purchases services from these sites, including career assessment services, work adjustment training, job placement, job retention services and supported employment.  For a list of the CRPs that DORS has approved, see the CRP Directory.

DORS is particularly interested in finding additional CRPs who can help us serve individuals who are blind and vision-impaired, deaf and/or people with limited English proficiency.

We encourage agencies to achieve third-party national accreditation, such as CARF.  DORS accredits agencies that do not have third-party accreditation, applying DORS CRP standards during an accreditation review.  Approval is based on:

To begin the process of becoming a DORS CRP, the following information will need to be forwarded to the Contact individual listed at the bottom of this page:


Contact Information
Kate Drake, DORS Staff Specialist for CRPs

Division of Rehabilitation Services

2301 Argonne Drive

Baltimore, MD 21218

410-554-9440 / 888-554-0334



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Division of Rehabilitation Services • 2301 Argonne Drive • Baltimore, MD 21218 • 410-554-9442 • 888-554-0334
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