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  Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Rehabilitation Services
 For Employers
  What is DORS?
  DORS Can Help Build Your Business
  Recruit and Retain Qualified Employees.
  How DORS Prepares a Workforce
  On-the-job training reimbursements
  Other Ways to Support Employment for People with Disabilities
  Maryland's WorkTech
  Workforce & Technology Center
  State & Federal Tax Incentives
  Free Information from the Job Accomodation Network
  About Employees/ Applicants Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  FAQ for Employers
  Disability Employment Links
  DORS Specialists Provide Quality Federal Employees

For Employers

What is DORS?

DORS helps Maryland businesses recruit and keep qualified, valuable employees. Last year, DORS matched 2,533 qualified individuals to job openings in Maryland’s businesses. 

DORS also developed 8 customized partnership trainings with local businesses so they could hire new employees or keep valued employees with disabilities.

Studies show that, of the 2,533 DORS participants who went to work in 2014, more than 84% will still be working a year from now – the highest retention rate of any Maryland workforce program.

  In Focus
Benefits to Employers
“It's helpful to me knowing the staff willingly provides assistance and follow-up if the need arises." –Diane Oliver, Buckingham's Choice
Two men & a woman hold framed certificates of achievement.

What Can DORS Do for Maryland Businesses? ->

Contact Information
Division of Rehabilitation Services
2301 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone:  410-554-9385 / 888-554-0334
TTY/TDD:  410-554-9411
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DORS Locations
Frequently Asked Questions
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Facts About the MD Disability Employment Tax Credit
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IRS Publication 3966: Disability Tax Benefits & Credits
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Division of Rehabilitation Services • 2301 Argonne Drive • Baltimore, MD 21218 • 410-554-9442 • 888-554-0334
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