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For Employers

Low-Tech Accommodations

Many times communication with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing can be enhanced with solutions already found in most offices and businesses.

Close up of a hand with a pen writing on a pad.

Paper and pencil is an acceptable way to communicate with many people who have a hearing loss.

A white board with mathematical equations written on it.

Whiteboards allow quick and informal communication.

An instant message that reads "Good morning.  Are we still on for our 8:15 meeting?"

Instant messaging or e-mail pop-up

A wireless two-way text pager.

Wireless Pagers, like the Blackberry, transmit text rather than voice. Individuals with hearing loss can use these to send e-mail and to call people who have TTYs or use relay systems.  At work these can help both hearing and non-hearing colleagues to communicate. 

Higher-Tech Accommodations ->

Contact Information
DORS Employer Services

Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)

2301 Argonne Drive

Baltimore, MD 21218

410-554-9409; Toll-free: 888-554-0334

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Division of Rehabilitation Services • 2301 Argonne Drive • Baltimore, MD 21218 • 410-554-9442 • 888-554-0334
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