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Programs & Services

Vocational Training

A man works with equipment in a machine shop.
Baltimore, Maryland

Those eligible may enroll in vocational training programs or work adjustment training if these services are needed to reach a chosen job goal.

Work adjustment training teaches individuals the basics of finding and keeping a job. Skills may include attendance, punctuality, how to get along with others, transportation and how to prepare for the work day.

Vocational training prepares individuals for specific jobs in industry, agriculture or a trade.  There are numerous vocational training programs offered in private technical schools, rehabilitation centers and public employment programs. Just a few examples may include auto mechanics, health care occupations and computer technology.

Today, many employment programs, including DORS, offer customized training and on-the-job training programs. Employers identify specific job openings and training is designed to fit the needs of that employer.

To help ensure success, DORS may pay for books, tools and other training materials. Sometimes, DORS arranges internships or volunteer positions to help individuals develop their work skills and prepare for job hunting.

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