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Programs & Services

WTC Overview

The Workforce & Technology Center (WTC) offers innovative & personalized programs and services that help people with disabilities go to work or stay independent in their homes and communities.

  In Focus
WTC Works for You!
Last year, WTC served 2,100 individuals who were working toward vocational or independent living goals.
Medical Records Supervisor

There are a wide range of programs under one roofcareer assessment services, rehabilitation technology, career training, job placement, driver's education, medical functional assessment, independent living skills training and more.

In order to meet the demand for certain WTC services (such as career assessment and workplace accommodations) WTC staff often travel to other parts of the state. 

People from across Maryland attend WTC while either commuting or staying in on-site, supervised dormitories. (The WTC is closed on weekends.) There are many support, recreational, medical and community services to help people reach their goals.

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