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Programs & Services

DDS Overview

The Maryland Disability Determination Services (DDS) claims examiners, staff physicians and psychologists determine the eligibility of Maryland applicants for Social Security Administration's (SSA) two disability programs.

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  In Focus
DDS Works for Excellence!
Last year, DDS reviewed 75,883 claims while exceeding national and regional accuracy rates.
DDS claims processor at her workstation.

These programs are:

Applicants for SSDI and SSI can file for benefits:

If the applicant has enough work credits (SSDI) or meets the income/resource criteria (SSI), SSA will send the case file to DDS, which gathers medical and related information to see if the applicant is disabled according to Social Security law.  

Social Security's Definition of Disability ->

Contact Information
Disability Determination Services

Division of Rehabilitation Services

PO Box 6338

Timonium, MD 21094-6338

410-308-4360 or 800-492-4283 x 4360



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Division of Rehabilitation Services • 2301 Argonne Drive • Baltimore, MD 21218 • 410-554-9442 • 888-554-0334
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