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        What Happens at DDS?
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Programs & Services

What Happens at DDS?

Two women at a workstation.

Upon receipt at DDS, the claim is assigned to a disability examiner who will review the application. The examiner requests records from doctors, hospitals, schools and other places listed on the application.

DDS will send forms to your doctors that ask for a history of your condition, a diagnosis and when it began, how your condition limits your day-to-day function, test results, and treatment you have received. They may ask how your condition limits such work-related activities as walking, sitting, lifting, and carrying. DDS examiners will not ask your doctor to decide if you are disabled.

If additional medical information is needed and is not available from your medical treatment provider, you may be asked to attend a consultative examination. Your doctor or medical treatment provider is the preferred choice to perform this exam. If the treatment provider is unable to perform the examination, however, Social Security will pay for a doctor from our panel to examine you. The exam will be scheduled with a doctor as close to your home as possible.

The 5-Step Claims Process ->

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