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Transitioning High School Students: What's Next?

Transitioning High School Students: What's Next?

Transitioning High School Students: What's Next? LARGE PRINT

Audio version of For Students & Their Families Listen to the brochure:
Transitioning High School Students: What's Next .mp3 audio (not recommended if you're using a dial-up modem connection)

The brochure and large print files are in Adobe PDF format.  If you need a copy of the Adobe Reader software, you can download it free of charge from Adobe:

Link to download Adobe Reader software.

Users of screen reader technology are encouraged to upgrade to the free Adobe Reader 7 or higher, with enhanced accessibility features designed to work with screen readers.  For best results, users of screen readers should save the brochure to their computer and open it with the Adobe Reader instead of using the Internet browser to read it.

More PDF Accessibility Tips for DORS Website Users:
     Who Use Screen Reading Software
     Who Have Low Vision

To obtain a copy of the Transitioning High School Students: What's Next? brochure in print or in an alternate format such as Braille or large print, contact the DORS Public Information program.

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